Celebrating National Hydration Day with Reiki Holy Fire: Embracing Wellness in the Summer Heat

As the sun blazes overhead and the temperature soars to a sweltering 93 degrees, let’s make sure to prioritize our health and well-being. National Hydration Day, celebrated annually on June 23rd, serves as a perfect reminder to stay hydrated and care for our bodies. This year, let’s take a holistic approach by combining the physical […]

Nourishing the Mind

Summer season is here and many of us are enjoying the warmer weather – spending time with friends, family, being outside and just going through the notions. Even though a good time is being had, it’s important to remember to maintain brain health as well. The more healthy your brain is, the more connected to […]

Embracing Growth

Throughout many cultures, the month of May symbolizes a period of time that represents rejuvenation, awakening, growth and abundance. It is symbolically and literally a time to honor the blossoming of life, nature and nurture. It’s a time when the animals are outside, the flowers are taking life, and everything has a certain magical glow […]

Female Archetypes

Female archetypes, what are they, what do they mean and what purpose do they serve? Naturally and historically, categorizing or labeling oneself has been something humankind has done for many years. It’s a way to discover more about yourself, and be able to align yourself with a certain way of thinking and living. By learning […]

Reiki and IBS

Do you have unpredictable and sometimes painful abdominal pain and bowel movements? Maybe you have constant bloating or can’t seem to hold much of anything down. Do you find yourself avoiding certain clothes, public places, restaurants, or new situations with friends and family due to toilet facilities being unfamiliar, or your symptoms being that spontaneous? […]

Finding Inner Peace in a Busy World

The modern world has plenty of benefits – advanced technology, improved medicine, faster transportation and an ever-growing accessible web that connects us all across the globe. However, with all of these improvements have also come the faster paced days of life, and more exposure to, well, everything. Our daily world has become so incredibly busy, […]

No Stress Zone

Many times when we find ourselves stressed out-we don’t realize how much of a toll it takes on our bodies. The constant headaches, the flip-flopped stomach, mood swings, back and neck pain, the list could truly go on and on. Stress attacks every part of our body, and the reason why that neck pain and […]

Happy Women’s History Month!

As March unfolds, we welcome spring changes, as well as honoring the achievements, strengths, and contributions of women today and throughout time for Women’s History Month. The things women have been able to achieve for themselves and for future women alike are just nothing short of remarkable, especially those involved in the realm of spiritual […]

Cultivating a Fertile Life

Welcome to March! This month brings with in an air of new beginnings, growth and most importantly – warmer weather. March is also known as the month of fertility, when the season changes, and we see our flowers and greens come back to life. Like Mother Nature, we can adapt to these seasonal changes and […]

Total Eclipse of the Heart (Chakra)

You’ve probably heard about chakras, the seven energy centers within the body, starting base of the spine and reaching up to the crown of the head. When these chakras begin to spin harmoniously and properly, Qi energy is able to flow throughout, providing a physical, emotional and spiritual balance to the entire  body inside and […]

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