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Experience the power and discipline of Karate, an ancient martial art that originated in Japan.


Karate provides a holistic approach to enhancing physical fitness, self-defense, and personal development. Through practicing Karate, adults can develop mental resilience, self-confidence, and self-discipline. The training incorporates a combination of kicks, punches, stances, and defensive techniques, fostering improved cardiovascular health, strength, agility, and coordination.

Adult Karate classes are based on the Okinawan style of Isshinryu, created almost 100 years ago. Isshinryu Karate emphasizes building strong bodies, sharp minds, and a balanced approach to life, providing a holistic approach to enhance physical fitness, self-defense, and personal development.. Designed for Teens and Adults, this Karate class teaches realistic self-defense to keep you safe in New York City and beyond.


Key benefits of practicing Isshinryu Karate at Active Studios NYC:

Self-defense techniques that can be applied in real-life situations. Through training, practitioners learn how to defend themselves effectively, develop an awareness of their surroundings, and gain the confidence to handle physical confrontations.
Whole body fitness, including cardiovascular exercise, strength training, stamina, coordination, balance, and flexibility.
Sharpens mental focus and concentration.
Release stress while learning to channel energy positively
Build confidence and self-esteem to develop a sense of self-assurance and improved self-esteem.

We are a supportive community sharing the passion for martial arts, fostering friendships and camaraderie.

Our mission is to help you find your inner greatness so you can Live Life Empowered!

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