Intuitive Readings

Dive into your Past, Present and Future

Biological Reiki Intuitive Reader

Biological Reiki Readings

Whether for you or your pet, experience the feelings of inner peace, balancing of your chakras and the clearing of stress blockages through the hands of our Reiki Master.
Experience the unique gift of our practitioners have as they channel into your soul to learn what may be holding you back.  This may be physical pain, unresolved concerns, or any other messages that may be received related to your life in general and your overall well-being.
This session may be performed virtually or in-office as per the client’s preference.

Saba Hocek reads Turkish Coffee seeing your past, present and future

Turkish Coffee Readings

Reading of a cup allows the person to see what opportunities, events and encounters will arise in the future giving them a chance now to continue on that path or change direction.
This ancient Turkish tradition may be experienced from an authentic Turk, Saba Hocek, who has been reading cups since she was a young teenager.
This session may be performed virtually or in-office as per the client’s preference.  Virtual sessions require the purchase of a coffee kit or access to Turkish coffee.

Saba Hocek, Intuitive Hypnotist and Biofeedback Specialist

Intuitive Readings

Unravel the worries, questions and unknowns. Tapping deep into the third eye, Saba gets the answers to your questions, the  solutions to your concerns, and provides intuitive guidance for your future.
This session may be performed virtually or in-office as per the client’s preference.


Saba Hocek is the author of Intuitive Hypnosis book which, in a simple to follow method, shows how to tap into your intuition.

Intuition and Psychic Development Lessons

We all have intuitive and psychic abilities.  Learn to tap into yours!  

You’ll learn the secrets of Turkish Coffee Readings, Body Scans, Pendulum Readings, Handwriting Analysis and so much more.

Saba Hocek, author of Intuitive Hypnosis book, will guide you in developing your intuitive and psychic skills.  Every lesson builds on your existing skill set.

Individual, Packages and Group Lessons are available.

Our mission is to help you find your inner greatness so you can Live Life Empowered!

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