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Dive into your Past, Present and Future

The purpose of an intuitive or psychic reading is to illuminate your path.  Our gifted intuitives/psychics are able to receive information about your past, present, and future to provide you with insight, inspiration, and empowerment.  We offer different types of intuitive readings each of which serves a different purpose but all of which will guide you towards self-discovery, healing, spiritual enlightenment and a happier life.

Wondering what gift to get a friend?  Intuitive readings are loved by all!

You may be wondering what the difference is between a psychic reading and an intuitive reading?  They’re often used interchangeably though intuitive refers to an inner sense of something that has or will be happening while psychic generally refers to having one or more senses that information is being picked up through.  For example, clairaudience is when one receives spoken messages while clairsentience is picking up messages through smell.   Our practitioners are gifted with multiple abilities that have been developed and intensified over the years.  The examples below are from actual readings but the names are false to protect the privacy of our clients.

Biological Reiki Intuitive Reader

Biological Intuitive Readings

Whether for you or your pet, experience the feelings of inner peace, balancing of your chakras and the clearing of stress blockages through the hands of our Reiki Master. 

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Experience the unique gift of our practitioners have as they channel into your soul to learn what may be holding you back.  This may be physical pain, unresolved concerns, or any other messages that may be received related to your life in general and your overall well-being.  This particular ability may be referred to this as a Biological Intuitive Reading,  Intuitive Medical Reading, a Soul Reading, or a Psychic Medical Reading.  Since our readings incorporate physical, emotional and spiritual, we refer to our readings as a Biological Intuitive Reading.  If you’d like to learn the secrets of how to perform a Biological Intuitive Reading, we offer an intensive 4 day class where you can learn the secrets.
A new client, Sue, came in expressing she was looking for reasons for the repeated pattern of poor relationships.  Without any additional information, the reading showed that there was abandonment from the father at 2 years old.  As a child, they learned to numb themselves against relationships that got close.  Then at 22, the father figure becomes evident again but this time in a panic state. 
After the session, Sue explained that she had no memory of her father since he left when she was very young and never kept any contact until at 22 when he suddenly appeared at a family wedding.  In the session, I worked on healing the inner child especially around root (security) and heart (love) chakras. Sue felt a lightness especially in her heart after the session.
This session may be performed virtually or in-office as per the client’s preference.

Saba Hocek reads Turkish Coffee seeing your past, present and future

Turkish Coffee Readings

Reading of a cup allows the person to see what opportunities, events and encounters will arise in the future giving them a chance now to continue on that path or change direction.

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This ancient Turkish tradition may be experienced from an authentic Turk, Saba Hocek, who has been reading cups since she was a young teenager.
Looking at Joe’s cup, Saba sees him leaving his current position.  The cup indicates it’s the right time to do so.  Within the next few weeks he’ll have two interviews.  The first one is a great opportunity however, at this interview he does not portray himself as an assertive person which will then prevent him from getting the job and lead him to taking the second job.  After the reading, Joe told me he had just given his notice and had some upcoming interviews. 
A month later I received a text that he had landed his dream job because of his assertive and confident performance during the interview. 
This session may be performed virtually or in-office as per the client’s preference.  Virtual sessions require the purchase of a coffee kit or access to Turkish coffee.

Saba Hocek, Intuitive Hypnotist and Biofeedback Specialist

Intuitive Readings

Unravel the worries, questions and unknowns. Tapping deep into the third eye, Saba gets the answers to your questions, the  solutions to your concerns, and provides intuitive guidance for your future.

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Using her intuitive powers, Saba will scan the energy surrounding your body to determine the emotions being emitted.  Then using advanced pendulum reading techniques, wil determine the answers, best solutions and options to your concerns.  
In doing an initial energy scan of Vivian’s body, Saba can feel that there’s a lot of self-doubt and recent disappointment taking place.  She wants to move forward but something from her past is stopping her. 
Vivian explained that she had been struggling with her business and every time there’s about to be a breakthrough, something goes wrong. 
Using a pendulum, Saba began to look for the answers.  Like peeling away at an onion, a series of questions are asked to the pendulum.  Were these setbacks within Vivian’s control?  Yes.  Is this from her personal experiences?  Not so much.  And the questions continued to be asked.
We were able to see Vivian’s inherited belief system that too much money identifies greedy, selfish people.   Then we looked at the specific scenarios and determined what actions would have created the desired results; whether they were repairable and how best to go about achieving them.  
After choosing to proceed with a few hypnosis sessions to reprogram her money mindset, Vivian returned several months later excited to report that her business was going very well and she had finally scaled her business and was seeking guidance on a new project to ensure it’s successful completion.  
This session may be performed virtually or in-office as per the client’s preference.
Saba Hocek is the author of Intuitive Hypnosis book which, in a simple to follow method, shows how to tap into your intuition.

Soul Drawing

Intuitive Soul Drawing

We all have a super power.  What’s yours?  

Through an intuitive reading, we tap into your energetic soul to reveal your strengths, gifts, innate talents and super powers.

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You’ll gain clarity and insight from which you can explore and grow.
In this process, you’ll choose an aspect of your soul to be explored (love, career, finance, etc) and our talented intuitive artist will perform a distant reading on your soul and translate these insights into a beautiful, captivating illustration. The illustration will serve as visual representations of your unique essence, capturing your strengths, gifts, and superpowers in a tangible and artistically pleasing form along with written explanation of the findings.  
Whether you’re seeking personal growth, clarity in your life path, or simply a deeper understanding of yourself, “Intuitive Soul Drawings” offers a transformative experience that empowers you to embrace and celebrate your true self.
Sessions are available virtually. Your illustration will be digitally delivered.  A framed glossy print is also available at an additional fee.

Want to Learn, Strengthen, Develop YOUR Intuition?

We all have intuitive and psychic abilities.  Learn to tap into yours!  Earn your certificate as a Biological Intuitive Master.   Get to the root cause of emotional and physical stress blockages.  

Our mission is to help you find your inner greatness so you can Live Life Empowered!

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