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Reiki for Pets to help reduce anxiety, stress and promote health



Reiki Massage makes a Happy Pet


Your pet needs Reiki Healing too!  Our pets are highly sensitive to their pet-parents and environment.  A move or a change in the home life can make your loyal pal very stressed.

This alternative therapy, Reiki Healing Energy, is used to help animals rebalance on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level. It’s fascinating to watch a hyper-active dog suddenly become calm in the presence of reiki!
Animals are highly sensitive to their surrounding energy. They are aware of storms, earthquakes and hurricanes hours before their arrival. They sense the negative energy in a person who has bad intentions. So it is only natural that they feel and gladly absorb the beautiful reiki energy.
At Self Empowered Minds, we encourage both the pet-parent and pet to receive reiki energy together.  When both the pet-parent and pet receive the reiki energy, harmonious patterns of health and tranquility emerge and the results are priceless!   

Victoria Wells is a Reiki practitioner and animal behaviorist who has magical hands to renew the trust of animals. Victoria started a program at the ASPCA introducing reiki for pets.


Psychology Today discusses the positive de-stressing affects reiki has on animals.

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