MysticMag interviews Saba Hocek about using intuition with Hypnosis and Reiki and how intuition enhances the process.  Read about some success stories to give you clearer expectations.

Saba Hocek, a guest speaker at the Brain Bar Salon,  shares with families and individuals of Traumatic Brain Injury, the power of the mind explaining and demonstrating how she helps people through Hypnosis and Biofeedback in NYC to create new neuropathways to overcome challenges.

Saba Hocek, serial entrepeneur, talks to Go Solo about how she started Self Empowered Minds including challenges and accomplishments

Discovering her intuitive gift as a teenager, Saba talks to Eater about how she realized her powers.  Eater enjoys experiencing a coffee reading and learning about the process.

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Self Empowered Minds of NYC is more than just a hypnotherapy center.  We offer a complete holistic mind and body approach to bring energetic balance to the whole being.  Whether it is for struggles with anxiety, depression, stress, lack of confidence, overthinking, weight loss, sleep, addictive behaviors such as smoking or shopping or bad habits such as nail biting or hair pulling, our services bring solutions.  Hypnosis to rewire the unconscious mind; Reiki to release stress blockages and balance the chakras; Meditation to calm the mind; Biofeedback to determine and clear stress blockages at the organ level and recommend individual supplement plan; Nutritional Consultation to feed the mind and body; Fitness Programs for inner and outer strength; and Intuitive Readings and Strategic Counseling to gain insight and life coaching are all offered by our experts here at our New York City location on the Upper EastSide as well as remotely so you can naturally and rapidly make lasting changes. 

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