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SCIO Biofeedback clears stress blockages.  Three computer screens of the SCIO biofeedback program are shown.



Quantum Biofeedback – an alternative therapy


About SCIO biofeedback sessions

The SCIO provides an accurate and precise picture of the overall health by examining the innermost cause of the body’s improper functioning. This delicate technology trains the issue right in the cells, where it dissolves the blockages caused by environmental and emotional stress which inhibit the body’s natural flow of energy.

The SCIO system is mapping the electric patterns of the body tissues worn by stress, improper lifestyle and overload or by illness.  It restores healthy functioning using electric impulses. When a stressed cell receives the correct frequency for a certain time, it takes over the frequency and restores or regenerates it.  As a result, the body’s self-healing processes are improved.

Quantum biofeedback is an energy bodywork therapy method used to detect and then correct biological imbalances in the body.  Biofeedback is a needle-free computerized version of acupuncture that releases stress blockages at the organ level. SCIO biofeedback manages anxiety, stress, panic attacks, chronic pain, hormonal imbalances, migraines and more.  Medical News Today speaks of biofeedback types and their benefits. 


The biofeedback device, is an advanced computerized technology that gathers bio-energetic data from the body via bands placed on the limbs and forehead simultaneously screening and clearing thousands of items of reaction.


There are vessels that run through the body called meridians each leading to a major organ. Along these vessels are high energy points which get blocked from emotional and environmental stressors, causing the associated organ to have deficient energy.  This leads to various physical and mental conditions.  Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, every organ is associated with an emotion.  For example, liver is anger while kidneys are fear and phobia.  So if we do not have the proper energy flowing through our liver, then we may feel more anger than we know is rational.  We’ve certainly all experienced those moments of knowing we are angrier than the situation warrants.  Perhaps it is simply a blockage to the energy flow of your liver!


You’ll receive a 36 page report displaying reactions of food sensitivities and allergies, providing a complete vitamin and mineral status, and pinpointing blockages and weaknesses of internal organs and systems.


Since biofeedback is safe and non-invasive, it is ideally suited for people of all ages. 

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