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Welcome to Self Empowered Minds’ world of Rhythmic Somatic Workout where you’ll Dance, Move, Heal, and Tone! Burn calories, burn limiting beliefs.  This transformative practice combines movements to release stress blockages at the organ level through the joy of dance, creating a unique experience that nourishes both the mind and body.

What is somatic dance? Somatic dance is a movement practice that emphasizes the awareness of one’s body and the sensations it experiences while dancing.  Every organ is associated with an emotion.  Just as in yoga, movements can help to release blocked energy and bring a healthy flow, rejuvenation to the body.

Rhythmic Somatic Workout is a combination of Somatic Dance and Zumba-like movements whereby specific movement are working to release targeted stress blockages while getting a physcial workout to tone the body.  The result?  You’ll feel more confident, happier, courageous and creative as we release the stress blockages and raise the body’s natural vibrations.

Want to move your body, get a workout and heal inner child blockages? Through Rhythmic Somatic Workout, you can explore and develop a deeper connection with your body, leading to increased awareness, flexibility, and creativity. It is an excellent way to release tension, reduce stress, and cultivate a sense of presence and mindfulness and just have fun.  Through these movements, we are raising the vibrations throughout the body resulting in inner peace, creativity, mental clarity, motivation and gratitude.  These special, uniquely choreographed, workout movements are healing at the organ level, clearing chakras and releasing negative energy while toning your body and burning calories.

Who can participate in Rhythmic Somatic Workout? It is for everyone, regardless of age, experience, or ability level. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or have two left feet, our classes are about having fun, feeling free with your body and tapping into your true potential.  


Somatic Dance
  • Increase body awareness and flexibility
  • Release negative energy and blockages
  • Burn calories and get firm
  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Enhance creativity and self-expression
  • Improve overall well-being

Ready to experience the transformative power of somatic workout? We invite you to join our class. Whether you’re looking to explore new ways of moving or simply seeking a fun and supportive community, we have a class that’s right for you.

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