Self Hypnosis


Train your Mind and Body to be Hypnotized

Yes, you can hypnotize yourself!  Hypnosis, like meditation, may be performed with the guidance of another or on your own and we are here to teach you how.

Self-Hypnosis sessions highlight the importance of teaching you how to rewire your brain using various pattern interrupts and hypnotic inductions. You’ll learn how to comfortably change habits and guide yourself through your own trances, which can help you in many areas of healing and self-improvement.
Self-hypnosis can be used independently or as a maintenance tool between one-on-one sessions with our certified hypnosis practitioners. Think of your one-on-one sessions as a Personal Fitness Trainer for your brain.  The self hypnosis is your maintenance program, just as you would go to the gym between sessions with your personal trainer. The Self Hypnosis Program is training you to work independently either between your one-on-one sessions or completely on your own.
Often people think it is too good to be true and that putting themselves in a trance is not possible.  We’re here to show you how it’s done.  You will learn the necessary skills to neutralize triggers, shift perspective, gain clarity and interrupt old habits of thought or behavior. These sessions can help with an objective you’d like to currently focus on, while also empowering you with techniques to facilitate personal growth in many aspects of life.
We have broken it down into two parts with each being three hour sessions. These sessions will help with most change work while also guiding you to become your very own hypnotist.  By the end of your program, you will continually reap the benefits of your work in the future. By doing the first 3-hour training, you’re familiarizing yourself with a basic self-hypnosis foundation. If you’d like to expand your repertoire and deepen your skills, you can opt to book Level II for an additonal 3 hour training.

Our mission is to help you find your inner greatness so you can Live Life Empowered!

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Self Empowered Minds of NYC is more than just a hypnotherapy center.  We offer a complete holistic mind and body approach to bring energetic balance to the whole being.  Whether it is for struggles with anxiety, depression, stress, lack of confidence, overthinking, weight loss, sleep, addictive behaviors such as smoking or shopping or bad habits such as nail biting or hair pulling, our services bring solutions.  Hypnosis to rewire the unconscious mind; Reiki to release stress blockages and balance the chakras; Meditation to calm the mind; Biofeedback to determine and clear stress blockages at the organ level and recommend individual supplement plan; Nutritional Consultation to feed the mind and body; Fitness Programs for inner and outer strength; and Intuitive Readings and Strategic Counseling to gain insight and life coaching are all offered by our experts here at our New York City location on the Upper EastSide as well as remotely so you can naturally and rapidly make lasting changes. 

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