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Clear Inherited Negative Emotions

Emotions are inherited up to 7 generations back.  What's your family tree look like?

Sacred Ancestral Clearing and DNA Healing is the process of releasing inherited emotional DNA by working with the spirit of the client’s ancestors and their higher self aspects of all current family.  With this process, a massive removal of all negative emotions, limiting beliefs, oppression, suppression and repression, negative energies, entities, ancient spells, curses and hexes – and so much more, is performed!
Experiences of traumas, patterns of abuse, limitations around love and money all travel down generations via the DNA as cellular memory as do negative emotions and limiting belief systems. We are born with the cellular memory of our parents, grandparents and great grandparents up to 7 generations back, possibly more.  In the BBC article “Can the legacy of trauma be passed down the generations?“, new research confirming this theory is pointed out.


If a particular pattern ran through the generations quite strongly, say for example abuse, then depending on the rest of our genetic make up, we may either experience the fear and anxiety of that abuse, despite never being abused ourselves, attracting people to re-enact that pattern of abuse, keeping us locked in as a victim, or, we may even go on to re-enact that abuse, being easily triggered into doing unthinkable things.
Using the Principles of Timeline Therapy, NLP and a Hypnotic Trance the client is then transported back to conception where they are energetically repairing the DNA, while reprogramming the unconscious mind with all the positive emotions, traits, beliefs and learnings they need for success!
This process really is such a work of art. It is birthed from a place of great understanding of the sciences and principles of a combination of many different powerful modalities. It has been handed over with huge spiritual back up and it is pure magic in motion.

The results have been widespread with many noticing massive ripple effects throughout their bloodlines. Individual results vary of course but the testimonials have been coming in thick and fast with some truly profound reports of change throughout the family.

Our mission is to help you find your inner greatness so you can Live Life Empowered!

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