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Reiki balances the chakras for inner peace


Energy healing and a holistic therapy to balance your chakras


Are you tired of feeling out of balance?


Feeling that your mind and body are out of sync?


Are you“Just feeling off”?


Reiki is an excellent method to help restore that feeling of wholeness that defines when we do or don’t feel healthy. Our sessions will expedite your healing. How, specifically, does it do so?

We all have an energy within us however that healthy, fluid energy can blocked from emotional, chemical or environmental toxins.  Emotional toxins are negative behaviors of those around us or our own behaviors.  Chemical toxins come from cleaning products, food coloring, tobacco.  And, Environmental toxins are polution, exhaust, fuel.  These toxins cause blockages within us preventing our mind and body from functioning at its potential.

The positive effects you will experience from our reiki sessions are subtle but super powerful. With the internal work of healing you will be rewarded with a gradual sense of regaining your true, authentic self. Many have been disbelievers in this therapy however, today it is used widely in many hospitals across the country.  According to The Atlantic, “Its presence is particularly vexing to naysayers because Reiki delivers demonstrable salutary effects without a proven cause.”

Reiki helps to balance the mind and body to be present in the moment, feel gratitude and return to ourselves. With the guidance of our Reiki practitioner, your own life force energy will be brought out in surprising and rejuvenating ways.

Our mission is to help you find your inner greatness so you can Live Life Empowered!

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Self Empowered Minds of NYC is more than just a hypnotherapy center.  We offer a complete holistic mind and body approach to bring energetic balance to the whole being.  Whether it is for struggles with anxiety, depression, stress, lack of confidence, overthinking, weight loss, sleep, addictive behaviors such as smoking or shopping or bad habits such as nail biting or hair pulling, our services bring solutions.  Hypnosis to rewire the unconscious mind; Reiki to release stress blockages and balance the chakras; Meditation to calm the mind; Biofeedback to determine and clear stress blockages at the organ level and recommend individual supplement plan; Nutritional Consultation to feed the mind and body; Fitness Programs for inner and outer strength; and Intuitive Readings and Strategic Counseling to gain insight and life coaching are all offered by our experts here at our New York City location on the Upper EastSide as well as remotely so you can naturally and rapidly make lasting changes.