7 Theme Building Steps for 2024

New Year, New Theme – How to bring your goal to fruition

The New Year is like the moment you have a day off and you can finally can go through your wardrobe. The steps to discovering your theme is so much like that. You need to dig into the drawers and pull all the old stuff out, to see what old things you need to purge making room for the new things you can bring in. 

Are you already feeling the excitement? The relief? First it’s important to understand what a theme means, which is the overarching focus you are choosing. It can span a day, week, month or the whole year. The theme doesn’t need a time frame but it’s motivating to set yourself to one. Setting a theme can provide many benefits, but sometimes being able to find the right theme for yourself can take a little time. Don’t feel stressed or pressured to have a theme set by the very first day of the year – a theme can be set by the end of January or could even be modified as time goes on. Here are some ways to expand your mind on the goals you would like to achieve this year – and how to find the perfect theme for you!

Some great examples of themes are: Financial Growth (Saving more money, Investing, Increasing Income), Managing weight (Eating Healthy, Exercising), Ending a bad habit (Changing behaviors, Changing Environments), or Creating a New Image (Changing your clothing Style, Exploring new interests). The theme we will be using as an example here will be Revamping one’s clothing style under the umbrella of Creating a New Image. 

1. Reflect, Reflect, Recollect! 

Before settling on a theme for the new year, it is super essential to take the time to recollect and reflect on the events of the past year. Why are you looking to make an image change? What will you gain?  What are you leaving?  How will this impact your future?  From the scope of focusing on “revamping our style”, this step would mean looking at all of the items of clothing we have worn in the past year or not. Diving deep and thinking about all of our emotions can be uncomfortable at first – much like having to sort through all of our closets, drawers and under our beds. Why did you or did you not wear it?  Did it make you feel young, old, too conservative, too exposed, maybe sex, maybe rigid? Acknowledging the highs and lows, and evaluating our areas for improvement is the best way to start manifesting the goals we want.  

2. Consider and Inspect 

So, at this step – all of your clothes is scattered across your carpet and your bed – now what?! This is the perfect time to reassess your personal values and goals. As we evolve as individuals, we want to reevaluate our values and make sure they truly reflect who we are, what we stand for and what we want to achieve in the long run. At this point, go ahead and create two piles – clothes you’d like to keep (that still resonate with you and your goal) and clothes you’d like to discard/donate. If you’re having a hard time deciding, feel free to use the body pendulum technique! It’s a quick, easy and intuitive way to know exactly how we feel about something and allows us to connect and listen to our bodies. Start standing up with your weight centered and pulling up from your abs slightly.  Now close your eyes and state “My name is ___”. Repeat this statement multiple times.  You’ll feel your body swaying slightly forward. This is essentially a “yes” from your spirit and body. You can hold articles of clothing you are struggling to part with and try the body pendulum technique to see if this is something truly in your alignment. Remember, you can do this with any theme or decision you might not have a clear answer to and would like to know if it aligns with your current life situation and future aspirations.

3. Affirm Yourself!

Whether your goal this year is Creating the New Look or Becoming more Healthy – remember to always give yourself positive self-talk and grace. Your affirmations will serve as your guiding light throughout the year, helping you to stay on track, be motivated and keep accountability. Practice telling yourself things you love about yourself and how achieving this goal is something completely doable. In our example, you can affirm yourself either out loud or in your journals – “I I am fashionable. I look good and feel good. I deserve to have a new style that is more “me”. I deserve quality clothing. I feel confident wearing a different style of clothes. I accept compliments gracefully.” By saying these affirmations and visualizing success , it becomes so much easier to manifest our goals and desires and build trust within ourselves. 

4.  Don’t forget the Fun

Sometimes sticking to your goals can get pretty tricky. We’ve all been there – less and less gym sessions a week and a few more pints of ice cream than we really needed! But, luckily, in order to achieve a goal, there is no need to be extremely hard on yourself. Keeping things light and fun will make a big difference in your self-esteem instead of beating yourself up for not completing a goal or being as motivated. Find a healthy middle ground where you are still putting in effort, such as picking out a new outfit once a week instead of just rolling out of bed everyday. This could be something much more achievable than expecting yourself to put on a new outfit in a new style every single day. Another way to keep things fun is to work on your vision board either alone or with family and friends. There is no rulebook to when you can make a vision board.  It can be filled with images, quotes, and words that speak to our vision for ourselves. They can even be digital or graphic vision boards to use as a desktop or phone wallpaper, which sparks an extra layer of inspiration and creativity. 

5. . Revisiting and Revising: Adaptability is Key

There may be times when you feel like keeping your goals to yourself is the best way to avoid distractions and negative opinions. However, sharing your passion and love for self-empowerment can actually be a valuable source of motivation and accountability. By sharing your theme with others, you invite them to be a part of your journey and gain new perspectives on your goals and life. It may even inspire those around you to create their own theme for the new year. Whether it’s with friends, family, or on social media, sharing your theme can strengthen your relationships and keep you motivated on your journey towards success.

7. Revisiting and Revising: Adaptability is Key

Your theme for the new year is not set in stone and is not on a countdown – it’s perfectly okay to revisit and revise it throughout the year as you gain new perspective on this new path. It’s okay if halfway through the year you’d like to switch up your style again and try on something even more daring! Use all of the techniques at your disposal in order to allow yourself to keep growing. You may also find that you may need to start over once or even a few times – but that is okay. What matters the most is that you never stop trying, even when you feel as if you have “failed” because there is no such thing as “failure”.  We learn and grow from past experiences.  Don’t be afraid to make adjustments when needed, and stay flexible. Your goals are YOURS – and not anyone else’s. If you find yourself feeling stuck- this would be a great time to revisit your goal and journal how you feel so far. Here are some prompts to help you manifest your dreams:

  • I am able to get what I want because ____ (Qualities or actions that push you towards your goals).
  • I can overcome any doubts that I might have because ______ (What you do to overcome these fears). 
  • I am ready to receive and accept love because I _____ (activities, practices, habits or words that make you feel good ) to love and accept myself.

As you embrace your theme for the new year, remember that it’s been put into place as a way to guide you and foster a growth mindset, encouraging you to learn and adapt. This powerful tool can only work as hard as you do – so keep in mind and make an effort to weave your theme into your routine and make it a habit! Remember to incorporate it into your daily affirmations, conversations and journaling. So take some time to reflect, choose a theme that resonates with you, and make each day count towards the ultimate goal of becoming the best version of yourself. If you’re having trouble with any of these exercises or with reaching your goals , or even envisioning them – give us a visit at Self Empowered Minds, where we can help you breakthrough limiting beliefs, discover your path and follow through with your theme.

If you’d like to learn proven methods that will keep you motivated to accomplish your themes in 2024, visit us at Hypnosis in NYC.  Want to recharge your mind and body for the new year? Come see us and treat yourself to a relaxing, energy resetting Reiki session.   At our weekly Reiki Energy Healing Circle this month, we collectively fuel the power of manifestation and New Year resolutions at Self Empowered Minds to strengthen your mind, empower positive beliefs you have, and help rebuild new patterns in the brain to support healthier habits. With the help of our services, we hope to support you in the best way possible to fill your life to the brim with love, happiness, family, friends, health, wealth, gratitude, and joy. 

The Self Empowered Minds team wishes you and your loved ones a very healthy and Happy New Year ahead!

Our mission is to help you find your inner greatness so you can Live Life Empowered!

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