Cultivating a Fertile Life

Welcome to March! This month brings with in an air of new beginnings, growth and most importantly – warmer weather. March is also known as the month of fertility, when the season changes, and we see our flowers and greens come back to life. Like Mother Nature, we can adapt to these seasonal changes and incorporate them into our daily routines and bring ourselves back to life as well. Cultivating a fertile life is a wonderful ideal to focus on this month, as it can mean a wide variety of things – from conception, pregnancy, to personal growth, creativity and abundance within all aspects of one’s life.

Nurturing the fertility of your mind, body and spirit is a very crucial step in achieving the goals you have in mind and a happier life overall. While sometimes we do the work – it’s important to remember to keep up with the work and make sure we are fostering an environment, both internally and externally, that allows for growth in all areas. 

Starting off with your mind, you might wonder how exactly you could “fertilize” your internal system. Being able to actively and continuously nurture your mind can look like the following:

Mental Nourishment: Putting some time aside for introspection with practices such as journaling, creating affirmations, manifestation and other reflective practices will keep your mind sharp, and aware of exactly where and who you want to be. Being able to spend actual time to reflect on your own values will strengthen the connection you have with yourself and the world around you, thus fueling your purpose and fertilizing your mind.  

Intentional Connection: Being intentional about those you spend the most of your time with as well as where you spend most of your time can create an impact on the fertility of your mind and the rest of your body. It’s important to feel connected to those that are like-minded individuals to your spiritual interests and goals. You may find more help, or even inspired by new ideas, by joining a healing circle, meditation group or connecting with a spiritual mentor. You may even join Reiki Group Healing sessions experiencing Reiki with sound bath, tuning forks, or intuitive readings like those offered here at SEM, where you may connect and heal with others who are seeking the same relief as you. 

Professional Guidance: Seeking out an experienced Hypnotist, like our very own Saba Hocek at SEM can be very helpful if you’re concerned with the fertility of your mind, body or spirit. Hypnosis will set a different mindset to dispel infertility and welcome fertility by dissolving that blockage in your mind that may be preventing positivity in your life, both spiritually and physically. Specific practices such as Inner Child Healing or Age Regression in Hypnosis can be helpful for those who struggle with feelings of self-worth by visiting these moments that may have created blockages. These blockages could be manifesting in a direct fear of being fertile – or even being a good future parent. 

While fertilizing your mind is very important, making sure your physical body is nurtured is just as important! Take a look at some ways to achieve this:

Movement and Food: When it comes to the human body, we’ve got to remember to prioritize healthy habits as much as possible. Eating a balanced diet, getting appropriate amounts of sleep and staying active can allow your body to rest, recharge and feel ready to tackle the day. Did you know a large percentage of physical ailments are caused by stress? Stress can not only seriously impact your physical fertility but also your overall well-being. Engaging in movement for your body that will decrease your daily stress can only be beneficial. Some techniques such as meditation and yoga are great for this. Joining a Yoga class or a Somatic Dance class like the ones available at Self Empowered Minds’ partner location, Active Studios, will help keep your body in great shape and allow you to release the tension and stress of daily life. 

Zyto Biofeedback: Here are SEM we also offer the Zyto Biofeedback service. If you are unsure of what this machine can do for you, in short, it identifies stress blockages in your physical body by placing your hand on the Zyto hand cradle device. Within about 20 minutes you will have a lot more clarity and information regarding your detoxification system, gastrointestinal system, hormonal/endocrine system and immune system. Along with the practitioner, you are able to discuss these test results and the suggestions that will help to bring your body back into balance, such as: supplements, essential oils and herbs. 

Lastly, fertilizing your spirit can be quite the obstacle for some people. With the right mindset, healthy body, and connected spirit, the three combined become a system running in sync to lead you to a calmer, happier life. Some ways you can fertilize your spirit are:

Seeking Inspiration: Be adventurous and explore! Find spiritual texts, blogs, podcasts, even videos on social media that will not only inspire you but keep you learning! Being able to interpret new information allows us to always have the ability to see things from multiple perspectives, which is a major key in maintaining empathy for ourselves, others, and overall personal health. Fertilizing your spirit means you feel a great sense of freedom in being authentic, open and remain in the moment.  

Energy Healing: On a spiritual level, Reiki can help in opening up your heart and mind to an elevated state of consciousness. Being open and experiencing this energy flow from source will bring you a higher level of peace, welcoming clarity and insight. With Reiki healing, you are able to set meaningful goals and intentions for your life that appear to be much more clear for you, ultimately providing direction and purpose along your spiritual journey.

Remember, creating and cultivating a fertile life is a very personal journey, and may take some time. A method that may work for one person, may not work for another, so it’s very important to remain patient and open to different practices, until you find the perfect mix and blend of what nourishes your mind, body and spirit the most.  

Our mission is to help you find your inner greatness so you can Live Life Empowered!

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