Finding Inner Peace in a Busy World

The modern world has plenty of benefits – advanced technology, improved medicine, faster transportation and an ever-growing accessible web that connects us all across the globe. However, with all of these improvements have also come the faster paced days of life, and more exposure to, well, everything. Our daily world has become so incredibly busy, many of us feel stuck in a cycle of rushing, worrying, and only recovering our minds and bodies maybe 10% of the time. Due to this constant hustle and bustle, a lot of times the quest for inner peace takes an ill-deserved backseat in our priorities. However, it’s important to always keep in mind ways and strategies proven beneficial to keep your inner peace and tranquility – despite the chaos and rush of the world. 

There are quite a few ways we can cultivate this inner peace and make room for our spiritual growth journey. Mindfulness is a big one of them. Not only is mindfulness a tool, practice but also a state of being. Diving into our own spiritual mindfulness serves as a doorway to a much deeper connection to ourselves and with the universe – releasing detachment from things that may be stressing us out in our material world. 

Practicing mindfulness – or becoming more mindful can come as easily as contemplative walking, or a few minutes of meditation a day. After fortifying our gateway, we must now establish the boundaries – “how much am I really willing to allow to penetrate my energetic sphere?” is the big question here. Instead of downloading all the feelings, the deadlines, the stress, from others, from the day – it’s important to know how to not internalize external factors, and recognizing which company or activities you find yourself around or involved in that are depleting your spirit and therefore inner peace. Take a moment to slow down-actually intentionally make an effort to slow down and realize that everything is in divine timing. Give yourself the gift of alone time with just yourself or within a personal hobby, that allows you to disconnect a little. 

Here at Self Empowered Minds, our goal is to help get you to the place where you are closest to your most peaceful self and achieve your healthiest spirit. Our Meditation and Breathwork Private and Group classes are potent modalities aimed to provide profound mindset effects, such as mental clarity, calmness and of course, inner peace. 

The more you practice the tips discussed in the blog, the easier it will become to connect to your higher power. We can now confidently say, per results in a study published by the National Library of Medicine, that a change in mindfulness can create an immense change in spirituality, thus create change in mental health. If you need help getting to a calmer place and achieving more inner peace, feel free to schedule an appointment with us and strengthen your spirit with the power of meditation and breathwork. 

Our mission is to help you find your inner greatness so you can Live Life Empowered!

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