5 Ways to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

When you think of creativity, what comes to mind?

Where do creative ideas come from? 

What does it mean to be in the state of flow?

Why are some people more creative than others?

Believe it or not, we all have our own unique creative spark within us. Creativity can come easily to some and not so much for others, which could be due to lack of motivation or inspiration. 

Rest assured, everyone can be creative. It’s just a matter of how we interpret our creativity and the way we choose to express it. 

What is the Flow State?

Flow is the state of where people are so deeply immersed and focused in an activity — that nothing else matters. As described by the Hungarian-American psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihaly, ‘flow’ is the state of mind where one is able to find and create experiences for themselves that are truly enjoyable and hypnotic.

You can lose yourself in complete bliss, feeling enlightened and inspired to do anything. You may know it as being “in the zone” – where one can be completely engrossed into the task or activity at hand and be able to drown out any interruptions such as the notification on our cell phones or the ringing of a class bell.

Creativity is a beautiful yet frustrating thing. We cannot force creativity to happen, otherwise, it will be harder to tap into. To create something whether it be an idea, art or even a playlist for a car ride can be drawn from a moment of “flow” – when one thought leads to another then allowing one to manifest effortlessly. 

However, you might find yourself in a mental funk and unable to engage in artistic pursuits. 

Here are 4 tips that can help in getting those creative juices flowing:

1. Write

Ironically enough, writing this specific blog required me to jot down what I did throughout the day, how it made me feel, and allowed me to express myself candidly. You don’t have to be a writer to write freely. Writing is a great way to practice self-reflection and improve your own self-growth and self-awareness. Think about qualities that make you, you!

Journaling is a helpful tool in processing your thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Take notes immediately as they come to your mind so that you won’t forget. Use colored pencils, pens, sharpies and colorful post-its to write on. The more consistent you are, the more you’ll find yourself getting into that ‘flow’ state. 

2. Experiment with new experiences!

Create a list of places and activities you’d like to check out, then cross them off as you complete them. Life is about enjoying various experiences and creating memories, so invite friends and family to join you on this journey. Sign up for a workout class to release those feel-good hormones, attend a dance class, or give Tai Chi a shot. Movement is so empowering and is an incredible mood booster that will certainly get those creative juices flowing. Simply put, in order to think creatively – keep moving!

If dabbling in various art forms is more your speed, grab a paint brush or doodle in a sketch pad, join a pottery class and even learn new recipes at a cooking class. Take the moment to immerse yourself and stimulate all your senses. 

3. Enhance your work environment 

Feeling burnt out? Switch up your workstation and declutter any items that are in the way. A cluttered space equals a cluttered mind, so the cleaner your environment is – the more productive you will be. 

Add to the ambiance by placing fresh plants on your window sill, getting ergonomic furniture for comfort, and table top decor that will bring a smile to your face and help you relax. Add pops of color, textures, pictures on the walls, a dry-erase board alternative to a traditional calendar, and essential oils to enhance your space. Also, if it’s not too distracting for you – playing lo-fi beats or upbeat music in the background adds a nice touch to help promote divergent thinking, which is a key element of creativity. 

4. Find creative inspiration from others 

Listen to podcasts or watch a few TED talks to give you inspiration. Chat with your peers or bounce ideas with friends. When you digest other people’s thoughts, ideas, and stories for approximately 15 minutes, it can help remove those creative roadblocks. Learn something new from entrepreneurs or from people in other industries for motivation by searching the web or reading various magazines. You might just find a really interesting quote or article that will peak your interest and change your life. 

When you dedicate time to yourself, you have the chance to clear your mind, focus, and think clearly. Your creativity and productivity will boost — as well as your mood. Pretty soon, you will feel mentally rejuvenated to conquer the next major goal or creative adventure. 

5. Take Risks

Far too often we fear not being good enough however most everybody does not start off as an expert in the field.  When you have a thought or desire, go for it.  Think of yourself as a parent wanting to nurture their child’s interest.  At Self Empowered Minds, you will hear us say “get out of your comfort zone and find comfort in the discomfort”.  That is the only way to grow and discover.

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