5 Tips for Staying Cool, Active, and Stress-Free This Summer – Expert Advice from Self Empowered Minds

  Summer days driftin’ away, to uh-oh those summer nights ♫  
Just like the popular song in the movie Grease, the scorching summer heat can make it challenging to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is also difficult when you’re feeling stressed and don’t have a positive outlet to release it towards.

Discover expert advice from Self Empowered Minds on staying cool, active, and stress-free this summer. Beat the heat and manage stress effectively with these helpful tips, including engaging in water activities, exploring indoor exercises, prioritizing hydration, and leveraging the benefits of hypnosis, reiki, yoga, meditation, and tai chi for holistic wellness.

Stress can have detrimental effects on your emotional and physical health as well, which includes increased blood pressure, weakened immune system, and even digestive issues. Self Empowered Minds offers one-on-one valuable stress management techniques like hypnosis, reiki, biofeedback. We also offer group classes in reiki, yoga, meditation, and tai chi to help you enhance concentration, productivity, and overall wellness during workouts and relaxation.

Between sessions, it’s important to continue practicing stress management techniques such as mindfulness and deep breathing exercises during your workouts, plus taking breaks to relax and enjoy the summer season – you can enhance your ability to concentrate and perform tasks efficiently too. It’s a win-win!

By engaging in regular physical activity, combined with proper stress management techniques, it will help boost your immune system, improve cardiovascular health, and promote better sleep. All of this leads to an overall healthier and enjoyable summer season. Self Empowered Minds guides you towards a healthier and more enjoyable summer season by offering insights into cool activities and strategies to beat the heat while staying active and stress-free.

With a little bit of creativity and some smart strategies, you can also beat the heatkeep moving, and manage stress effectively by engaging in some cool activities!

Making A Splash With Your Favorite Water Activities

Being in the water is one of the best ways to stay cool and active – whether it’s swimming, water aerobics, kayaking, or even having a water balloon fight with friends at your favorite park; water-based exercises are refreshing and enjoyable. These activities also enhance your physical fitness and increase your cardiovascular endurance.  Timing is key when doing outdoor water activities because the hottest time of the day is usually between noon till 3pm. So, be sure to plan ahead to get the most out of your day.

Indoor Exercise Alternatives and Having A Workout Buddy!

If the summer heat is unbearable, opt for indoor exercises. Hit the gym, join a dance or fitness class, or explore home workout routines on Youtube.  Self Empowered Minds encourages finding a workout buddy to boost motivation, discipline, and accountability in achieving your fitness goals together. By choosing indoor activities, you can maintain your fitness routine while enjoying the air conditioning – which I loooooove by the way, hehehe. You can attend a tai chi, yoga or dance class at Active Studios NYC in the Upper East Side! These are all wonderful ways to calm the mind, energize your soul, release stress, and build a better you in a community setting.

In addition, buddying up with someone who can help you stay accountable, disciplined and motivated can also make all the difference in achieving your fitness goals together rather than doing it solo. 

Hydration Tips for Optimal Wellness:
Staying hydrated is essential during the summer months and it can help your mind and body function at its best. Keep a water bottle handy at all times and drink water regularly and slowly, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Dehydration can lead to fatigue and muscle cramps, making it difficult to stay active. If you find plain water boring, then infuse it with fruits or herbs like lemon, cucumber, or mint with some slices of citrus for a refreshing twist!

Need some more ideas on some delicious yet healthy snacks, meals and beverages to make this summer? No problem! I’ve got some more for you listed here:

  • Chilled or frozen fruit: I usually like to get mine at Target because they have several options like frozen pineapples, frozen blueberries, and frozen mangos!
  • Fruit smoothies and slushies: OK, now this is super yummy because it feels like having a healthy dessert. On days you feel too lazy to prepare your own smoothie –  I highly recommend visiting Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Astoria, New York! It is truly one of the best smoothie spots in the game.
  • Salads: Fresh greens loaded with vegetables like cucumbers, celery, and carrots mixed in with beans, legumes and heart-healthy fish like albacore tuna or salmon are great options for a post-workout meal.

Embrace Shade and Protective Gear: 

When engaging in summer outdoor activities, make use of shade and protective gear to shield yourself from direct sunlight. Wear a hat, your favorite pair of sunglasses, and lightweight, bright-colored, breathable clothing that offers sun protection. 
Applying sunscreen with a high SPF is essential to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, even as you sunbathe to get that summer glow. These measures will allow you to stay active outdoors while reducing the risk of sunburn or heatstroke.

Listen to Your Body and Prioritize Recovery:

Take frequent breaks in the shade and drink water before you become thirsty. Allow yourself time to adapt to the heat and if you start feeling sick, give yourself time to recover so that you can resume your active routines in an optimal state of mind. As you can see, it is still possible to stay active and cool even during the hot summer months. Managing stress effectively is just as important during this time as it can have a significant impact on your mental well-being. When you engage in leisure activities that reduce stress and physical activity that you enjoy – it helps release endorphins and promotes a positive mood. 

Discover the possibilities of staying cool, active, and stress-free this summer with Self Empowered Minds’ expert advice. Explore the benefits of hypnosis, reiki, biofeedback, yoga, meditation, and tai chi in reducing anxiety, managing stress, and promoting positive thinking. Choose leisure activities that release endorphins, reduce stress, and engage in physical activities you enjoy. Visit Self Empowered Minds for personalized sessions that strengthen your mind, empower positive beliefs, and support the development of healthier habits. Fill your life with love, happiness, family, friends, health, wealth, gratitude, and joy with the guidance of Self Empowered Minds.

Our mission is to help you find your inner greatness so you can Live Life Empowered!

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