The Ultimate Guide to the 7 Chakras

There are a number of ways to understand the human mind and body; chakras are just one interesting way to do so! The word may make you think of some deep mystical knowledge that you will never understand, but the truth is that you probably already know about it intuitively. The word chakra translates to “wheel” or “cycle”, and has both a literal and metaphorical significance. Chakras are the energy centers of the body. They are the subtle energy that moves through our bodies. Another way of putting it is that chakras are the different spiritual and physical parts that make up the self. They all play their own part and, put together, they make us one. 

Clients who come in for reiki will often say that they want to feel more balance in their lives. This makes intuitive sense, since balance equates to health. Furthermore, when we have physical and emotional pain, it makes sense that we speak as though parts of ourselves are fragmented from us, and that we are not whole. To be whole is to be authentic and to thrive. By understanding this through the lenses of chakras, we are learning from a centuries old, time-honored tradition of wisdom about mind, body and spirit. These are the seven chakras, with a brief explanation of each one: 

  • The root chakra– The base of the spine. Associated with balance, support, & instinctual sensibilities. 
  • The sacral chakra– Located below the navel. Associated with water, sexuality, emotions, creativity.
  • The solar plexus chakra– Located between the ribcage and the navel. Associated with personality, ego, identity, motivation.
  • The heart chakra– Located in the area of the heart and lungs, connecting lower and higher chakras. Associated with compassion, empathy, forgiveness. 
  • The throat chakra– Located around the neck, mouth, tongue, and throat area in general. Associated with communication, confidence, self-expression. 
  • The third eye chakra– Located between the eyebrows. Associated with intuition, intellect, wisdom.
  • The crown chakra– Located at the top of the head. Associated with enlightenment, the spiritual self. 

In yoga, the various poses in a practice are referred to as asanas. Combined with breathwork, the aim of moving your body through different asanas is to bring balance to your chakras. When chakras are out of alignment, the idea goes, we stay stuck in old patterns. We cannot move forward in life. We are driven by fears and ideas that no longer serve us. The asanas help the yogi to embrace new thoughts, mental associations, and beliefs. 

Yoga is just one modality that may help people align their chakras. Another is Energy Healing NYC. Reiki, which falls under the umbrella of energy healing, offers its own unique, powerful benefits. Including a brief discussion with the practitioner about what feels off balance in your life and your body, reiki unlocks the special healing potential–through meaningful, authentic connection to others–that all humans have with one another. 

Ultimately, chakras are just one way of understanding ourselves. But we don’t have to be a yogi or know that much about them to reap the benefits of aligning our chakras. And when we experience that alignment, not only do we activate our body’s innate tendency towards healing, but feel emotionally strong and spiritually connected as well. 

Our Reiki practitioner has a gifted, intuitive sense of which chakras in your body are out of alignment. Book a session with us today & find out more! Start your journey towards realignment today!

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