OOOMMMM! Tap into Your Intuition for Inner Peace

What is inner peace and is it hard to achieve?

Do you struggle to “quiet” the noise that’s inside your head?

Could tapping into your intuition bring you inner peace

The reality is that all of this is possible to do by incorporating a few lifestyle changes that will improve your mindset and allow you to achieve inner peace. 

New York City is a beautifully stimulating yet chaotic city – where the noise of our thoughts and anxieties tend to consume us on a daily basis. 

In a city known to be so fast-paced, inner peace can be challenging to achieve for most folks – especially when juggling with a lot on your plate. Whether it be constantly looking for the next best thing in our lives or worrying about personal troubles that can often disrupt our inner calm – creating inner peace may be difficult.

Therefore, we find ourselves not having enough time to do what we want to do or not enough time to give our mind and body a chance to refresh and reset.

However, inner peace is still possible if we choose to change certain aspects of unhealthy habits and negative thinking. Only then will we have more room for peace and clarity in our lives.

So, here are some proven methods that we can start doing more of in order to have control in achieving your inner calm.

1. Meditation

Learning how to meditate is a simple and effective way to reduce stress and produce a deep state of relaxation. There are many types of meditation and relaxation techniques that you can do including:

Guided imagery – which is when you form visual images of situations or places that are relaxing to you. You can also use different senses such as smells, sounds, and textures to enhance the experience.

Yoga – which is where you’ll perform a series of poses and controlled breathing exercises such as kundalini or breath of fire. This will help bring natural awareness to awaken your internal power. The best thing is that meditation can be done anywhere such as the comfort of your own home or surrounded by nature. 

2. Practice self-love and treat yourself

Be willing to put yourself first and make a conscious effort to engage in some self-care and self-love. This can be done by working out to release endorphins that help you feel good or by doing things that make you happy and lift your spirit. Taking care of yourself never goes out of style and engaging in activities you’re passionate about will help you gain inner peace. 

3. Don’t dwell on negativity

Though this may seem like a basic and simple thing to do, it is certainly difficult! When something happens that is the opposite of what you were hoping for, accept it and then move on to the brighter side of things. Do not dwell. When you focus on the negativity, it becomes one of the fastest things to ruin your inner peace. So be sure to have a good mindset and attitude in any situation as best as possible. 

4. Laugh!

In some cases, laughing is the best medicine. You can arrange a Netflix movie night with your loved ones to watch a comedy or laugh about the silliest of things. Try not to take yourself too seriously. Who knew you can find inner peace in a place of humor and laughter? 

5. Live in the present 

When stress is around you, focus on the present moment and don’t live in the past. Don’t let previous situations preoccupy your mind or have fears about what will go wrong in the future. Appreciate the moment you are living in, be mindful, and embrace the beauty of what life has to offer. 

6. Tap into your Intuition

Although theoretically you know to think positive, laugh more and live in the present, it is not always easy as our mind still goes to fears of the future.  However, when you learn to tap into your intuition, you diminish the fear and thereby live in the present, laugh more and have a positive mindset about the future.  Join us at our upcoming workshop on Find Your Inner Peace where you will learn to tap in to your intuition and clear stress and anxiety stored in your body through breath work and yoga positions.

If you’d like to learn effective strategies to reduce anxiety, stress, and will keep you motivated to achieve positive thinking, Hypnosis in NYC.  Want to balance your mind and body, come see us for LED therapy as an add-on to your Reiki sessions.  And, to continue that peaceful calm state, learn how to meditate at Self Empowered Minds. Self Empowered Minds is here to help you strengthen your mind, empower the positive beliefs you have, and help rebuild new patterns in the brain to support healthier habits. Our services support you in the best way possible so you may fill your life to the brim with love, happiness, family, friends, health, wealth, gratitude, and joy. 

Our mission is to help you find your inner greatness so you can Live Life Empowered!

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