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Healy Biofeedback portable device promotes health and vitality


Powerful and Portable


The Healy device clears stress blockages at the organ level to promote your health, vitality and overall wellbeing bringing relief of acute and chronic pain. By clearing the stress blockages, you will feel more relaxed, calmer and lighter bringing about a wonderful state of mental clarity.

This portable device is connected to your phone using Android version 4 or later or IPhone IOS 9 or later. Bands connected to your wrists and the Healy allow communication with your phone as the app delivers appropriate frequencies to bring harmony and energetic balance to your mind and body..

The Healy is a wonderful complement to the SCIO and ZYTO allowing for consistant daily energetic balance to support your wellbeing.


There are three models to choose from:
Healy Holistic Health: bioenergetic balance, mental balance, meridians, sleep, skin
Healy Holistic Health Plus: all of the Healy Holistic Health and learning, fitness, job, beauty, chakras, protection programs
Healy Resonance: all the Healy Holistic Health Plus features plus the HealAdvisor Analysis app and Aura modules. The HealAdvisor determines the most effective protocols to be run based on your bioenergetic reading. The Aura module lets you analyze the energy distribution of your chakras.


Curious about the Healy? You can experience the Healy FREE with a booked hypnosis session. The free Healy session may only be applied once and may not be combined with any other offer. 

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