Female Archetypes

Female archetypes, what are they, what do they mean and what purpose do they serve? Naturally and historically, categorizing or labeling oneself has been something humankind has done for many years. It’s a way to discover more about yourself, and be able to align yourself with a certain way of thinking and living. By learning more about these archetypes, you could come across powerful and profound insights about yourself, and therefore ultimately enhancing the spiritual and healing energy that we all have within.  Whether through meditation, Reiki, or daily affirmations, the energies of these archetypes and living in that power, can guide us towards a more balanced, and fulfilling life.

Each and every of the 12 divine feminine archetypes represents a specific aspect of the universal feminine energy. Being able to recognize and embrace them can help understand yourself better, as well as the world around you, as mentioned previously. Take a look at the cyclical changes that we experience – the seasons, the lunar phases, aging, and even the menstrual cycle. These cyclical changes are also reflected in the Divine Feminine archetypes, specifically the 4 main ones that I will focus on in this blog, with each having a specific element, cycle/season and method of applying to your life and being.

  • The Maiden/Virgin
    • ○ Innocent and free-spirited, she dances through life with joy and purity, embracing the journey of youth.
    • ○ Season: Spring
    • ○ Element: Air
    • ○ When harnessing the energy of this archetype, you are able to mother your inner child and let go of old wounds by learning new things, making time for play, and adventuring. This energy of youth and playfulness can be rejuvenating. A good way to invite this energy is by doing purification rituals, and doing Reiki to rid of any blockages in your body. 
  • The Mother
    • ○ Nurturer and protector, she cradles life in her arms, embodying the essence of unconditional love and sacrifice.
    • ○ Season: Summer
    • ○ Element: Fire
    • ○ In order to tap into the Mother energy, it’s most important to practice self-care and therefore nurture the mother in you. Practicing self-expression is also very important, and you will vibrate more by creating. Invite the energy of the Mother by moon-bathing, spending time in nature, and viewing life through a lens of abundance. While the Mother is associated with having children or being married, you do not have to have neither of those things to feel this energy. Being able to create and birth an idea or project in the world, is being able to tap into the Mother archetype. 
  • The Wild Woman
    • Untamed and free, she roams the wilderness of her soul, embracing her primal instincts and authenticity.
    • Season: Autumn
    • Element: Water
    • The Wild Woman is always standing in her power, fearlessly and unapologetically. You are able to ignite this archetype by doing shadow work, mirror magic, gratitude journaling and standing on your boundaries. Aside from Mother, this is a great energy to harness when creating powerful and authentic work.
  • The Crone/Wise Woman
    • Sage of ages, she carries the wisdom of generations, illuminating paths with her profound insights.
    • Season: Winter
    • Element: Earth
    • The Wise Woman can see with clarity and has an abundance of wisdom. Her experience and introspection is very useful when making hard decisions. To amplify this energy, practice stillness and strengthen your connection to yourself and your spirit. Setting intentions while harnessing this archetype will provide the best results. 

By acknowledging the special attributes of each of the main divine feminine archetypes, being able to flow within that cyclical nature becomes much more natural and builds trust with our Self. This wisdom begins to build the more we allow our energies to flow freely and happily. Here at Self Empowered Minds, we focus on being able to help each person on their journey, people from all walks of life. If you are having problems being able to access certain parts of yourself, or want to release blockages that are stopping your energy from flowing, visit us for a Reiki session with one of our lovely, talented practitioners. Did you know that the spread of Reiki to the Western world was highly influenced by a single woman? was We also strive to empower the feminine archetypes by providing services such as our newest addition: Heels Dance Class! Heels Dance is an art form that allows both beginner and experienced dancers to explore their femininity, sensuality, and movement all while wearing a stiletto (not required.) Feel free to book your first session for this class for free and unlock the feminine archetypes within you today!

Our mission is to help you find your inner greatness so you can Live Life Empowered!

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