Fears, thrills, spirits – oh my! 

There’s no doubt that the happy harvest of Halloween can bring out a rush of euphoria and endorphins throughout the body. Each person will experience the autumn fest uniquely depending on one’s personal preferences and it’s important to note that Halloween can help reduce your stress plus enhance your meaningful activities of daily living – especially during the fall season.

Perhaps Halloween brings back fond memories of visiting pumpkin patches, eating delicious apple cider donuts, admiring the beauty of fall foliage, or enjoying dressing up as part of self-expression and creativity. Other feelings of spontaneity and surprises (hopefully, more treats than tricks!) strengthens special bonds with one another when the experience is shared. 

Monster movie madness marathon, anyone? Grab your popcorn and get comfy!

Binge watching the latest suspense flick trending on Netflix? Yes, please! 

No matter what you desire, it can be achieved with the proper mindset, openness, and vulnerability to explore new adventures.

However, Halloween can be challenging for some people as memories may not have left the best of feelings. For example, people with physical and cognitive disabilities or those dealing with mental illness may be faced with trauma, stigma, and discrimination. Therefore, being mindful, supportive, and advocating for those around you does wonders to their mental health, even when done subconsciously. After all, there is plenty of joy to go around all month-long as October is filled with different activities to satisfy your mind, body, and soul. 

As busy New Yorkers, we are constantly “on the go” and struggle to find time for ourselves, friends, and family. As soon as fall season arrives, a spark of passion and great anticipation sets in as people prepare to schedule a mix of relaxing and adrenaline-seeking activities that can provide a sense of release from daily stresses, even it’s for a few moments in time.  

Ahh. Time. Sometimes we feel that there isn’t enough time to do the things we want to do to nourish ourselves and create new experiences. This feeling can lead to increased anxiety, worry, and negative thinking in losing control with life. However, you are in control and you can make the necessary modifications in your lifestyle to set time aside for enjoyable experiences, both spooky and fun!

As adults, we can reignite our playful spirit and learn to live life passionately through engaging in leisure pursuits and stimulating conversation. Whenever you’re in a funk, immerse yourself in a safe space and listen to your favorite Spotify playlist or Lofi beats to calm your mind and create the right ambiance. When you maintain a work-life balance, it will help restore your mind and will give you a surge of self-empowerment. 

As Halloween is right around the corner, remember to embrace the little hocus pocus and any ghosts, ghouls, and goblins that might give you a fright. The brain is a beautiful thing and neuroplasticity can improve brain health and resilience since it can form new neural connections. When you feel like you need help with therapeutic methods to enhance your experience and calm your busy mind, Hypnotherapy sessions in NYC and Reiki Healing sessions in New York City can improve your self-awareness and provide effective techniques.

So with that said, be sure to take a breath, breathe in the crisp cool air, and know that you are in control to live your life empowered! Have a happy and haunted Halloween! 

Our mission is to help you find your inner greatness so you can Live Life Empowered!

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