Creating a Life With More Wellness

We all want wellness in our lives! But do we have to have the body of an Equinox trainer, only eat organic foods, and NEVER eat a cookie?! How can we bring wellness into our lives in a realistic, empowering way? Wellness might conjure up images of organic food, yoga, incense, or other New Age ideas. Or it might just imply a state where everything in your life feels balanced. In that sense, don’t we all want wellness in our lives? And what does it mean to be healthy anyway? As individuals, how can we measure whether or not we are truly healthy?

Ultimately, what wellness implies is health. And while some of the well-known markers of health are a very important foundation–eating right, exercising, sleeping enough–true health goes beyond that foundation. There are other factors we have no control over, like genetics. And then there are other, sometimes less obvious, factors in our lives, like loneliness, that have a profound impact on our health as well. 

What’s clear, then, is that, put together, it is the sum total of various areas in our lives that determine our health. Quantum Biofeedback NYCis an excellent tool for assessing how those multiple factors are effecting our health in the present. And this multiple cause, or systems, perspective explains why someone who is a smoker and drinks alcohol, but is also socially connected and surrounded by loved ones and friends, might end up living longer than someone who goes to the gym every day and eats a healthy diet but is socially isolated. The cause-and-effect model of health is outdated. We need to look at the whole picture of a person’s life in order to understand whether or not they are truly healthy.

Our minds naturally seek an easy explanation as to why we have some physical ailment or when we just haven’t been feeling like ourselves: “I have been drinking too much!”; “I don’t exercise enough!”; “I need a new job!”. If you can identify an area in your life that can use improvement, that’s great; you may very well be right in your assessment that that is what’s causing your issue. But if it’s not so obvious, and you don’t look at the deeper, underlying emotions going on, you may end up just swapping around ailments instead of getting to the root of the problem. The migraines turned acid reflux may actually all be from the same root!

So if we can understand that multiple areas of our lives determine health, we have to treat the whole person rather than just one area of that person’s life. If we tell ourselves stories like, “If I can just eat healthy all the time, all my problems will go away!” OR “Once I get a less stressful job that makes me feel more actualized, all my problems go away!” we risk falling into thought patterns of self-blame rather than ones of self-care. Our minds automatically gravitate to simple explanations that focus on one factor. The truth, however, is that all of those areas are interrelated.

What’s most important for all of us to do is to start with where you’re at right now. Take a deep breath. Remind yourself that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Like with anything in life, is always incremental. 

Create a check list and value each one on the list from 0-10; this is will give a bird’s eye view as to which aspect of your life needs to be addressed. Start to make those adjustments. Some of these adjustments may be within your immediate control (like getting more exercise) and some may not be (such as having a romantic partner), but the more items you can bring into balance, the better you will feel and the easier those items seemingly not in your control will come into control.

Rate each of the questions from 0-10 with 0 being poorest and 10 being best

How good do I feel emotionally?

How good do I feel with my physical appearance?

How good is my health?

How well do I eat?

How well do I Sleep?

Do I exercise enough?

How satisfied am I with my creative expression?

How often do I challenge myself creatively, intellectually (ie taking music, language, computer courses)?

How often do I go outside my comfort zone (this is a big one)?

How satisfied am I with my financial status?

How satisfied am I with the work I do in my work life?

How satisfied am I with the people I work with?

How satisfied am I with my friendships?

How active is my social life?

How satisfied am I with my sex life?

Do I have sex often enough?

How satisfied am I emotionally with my romantic partner?

Once you have rated each of these, for those that do not need improvement, ask yourself how you are achieving this satisfactory number.  Then, for those that need improvement, ask yourself how you can achievement a healthy score. Then TAKE ACTION.  The subconscious mind always wants to take the path of least resistance.  Whatever our habits and patterns are is the least resistive path.  Breaking that pattern for 30 days straight will create a new path. Through hypnotherapy in NYC location or remotely, we make it easier to create and commit to this new path.

As much as the aim of all different types of therapies is ultimately to get the patient to recognize the power within themselves, support from others is a need we always have. This is particularly true if we’re feeling stuck, like nothing will ever change or get better. Our services are catered to each individual path. Together, we will help you find your path. Book a free consult with us today!

Our mission is to help you find your inner greatness so you can Live Life Empowered!

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