July 4th – Sparkles, Burgers and Mental Health

Celebration, pride, honor, sparkles, burgers and mental health…. WAIT! WHAT? 4th of July and Mental Health?  4th of July is about unity and the importance of community. Yes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” The uplifting power of having a strong community in your life cannot be overemphasized. This is easy to forget when we live in fast-paced cities where you can walk around for hours or even days and yet not run into even a neighbor, let alone someone you know.

One area of the brain called the “orbitofrontal cortex” is thought to have a lot to do with empathy. What’s fascinating is that this part of our brain is activated when we physically in the presence of other people. In other words, “our brains make getting along with people an inherently physical enterprise.” And if we think of our ability to get along with others as a skill that will not only make life easier if we learn to master it, but will also make it more enjoyable, we can understand the importance of spending time with others. Through hypnotherapy we can dismiss negative thinking and begin to truly enjoy a life of inner peace.

Today’s world is flooded with all kinds of devices and distractions that may serve as substitutes for other people, but none of those devices activate our minds in the nearly the same way that the physical presence of others does. We are wired to thrive “offline” In our current high-tech world, “offline” no longer comes naturally. Reiki and Meditation are excellent methods to reset us back to the present. And, the odds are that, when you think about the best moments of your life, they likely involve being fully present with others. There is really nothing that can replicate those moments but other people!

We may have people we see in our daily lives–family, roommates, co-workers, friends here and there for dinner–that we appreciate, and who ground us. We need those daily connections, and routine is essential for mental health. Our minds crave challenges, novelty, and even some chaos within reason. In our social lives, we all know what this looks like: gatherings, parties and celebrations! All cultures have their own versions of these types of exciting events. They can be cathartic and invigorating, or sometimes take a turn for the worse (maybe when the “drunk uncle” starts talking about politics). The surprise and laughter that comes with interactions with a wide number of people you cherish can be a source of joy that stays with you for a long time afterwards. 

Humans are pack-animals and like pack-animals, the presence of others gives us a sense of security.  When we are collectively working towards the same goal, whether that is singing in a choir or building homes in a third world country or celebrating freedom, we feel safe and energized. When you are ready to have that experience of feeling present, come see us for Hypnosis or Reiki NYC and Happy 4th of July!

Our mission is to help you find your inner greatness so you can Live Life Empowered!

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