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Why choose hypnosis in New York City with Self Empowered Minds?

Using the SEM (Self Empowered Minds) technique of hypnosis, intuition, and other behavior methodologies, blockages causing challenges are identified and cleared by retraining the unconscious mind to accept the new desired behavior using methods such as age regression, traditional hypnosis, past life regression and dream analysis. These changes take place over the next several days and in 5-8 sessions are firmly embedded in the unconscious mind allowing you to live to your greatest potential! Hypnosis is for the individual looking for long-lasting changes in their negative habits, overthinking, worrying, anxiety, depression, addiction, procrastination, and more.

You will walk away having Clarity, feeling Renewed, and Determined to take on anything in the big city.

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Why choose Reiki in New York City with Self Empowered Minds?

We are surrounded by noise, pollutants from construction, honking horns coming from all directions, and the voices of thousands of people resonating throughout the city. But step into our office on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and you're taken to a magical space of tranquility where a multitude of healing modalities are taking place. Our Reiki sessions in NYC are a safe and gentle practice that can be used by anyone, regardless of age or physical condition. It is a non-invasive practice that does not require any special equipment or medications. It is also a natural and holistic practice that can be used in conjunction with other forms of healing and therapy.

Your Mind, Body, and Spirit will feel balanced, relieved and the needed energy to take on life in the big city.

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