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Rejuvenating Sessions

Nutritional Follicle Analysis


You are what you eat.... and your hair follicles tell it all.  Hair Follicle samples are digitally processed indicating in just 20 minutes your vitamin, mineral, amino acids, antioxidants and omega  balance.

SEM Energy Work


Reboot your brain!  Get unstuck. Combining SEM's unique energy healing methods with Access Conciousness, blockages are cleared through energy healing.  This method is one of many modalities used during a hypnosis session.

Self Awareness Formula


SAF tool helps you find and understand past traumas and how these might still have an affect in the present.  By providing the sophisticated scientific software with the temperature of 23 different points on the face, insight to past codes and patterns is gained.  During a hypnosis session, SAF may be used to gain further insight.

Body Rejuvenation


Recharge Your Body!  Your body is rejuvenated through our Biofeedback system coupled with our Infrared Body Blanket to stimulate the shrinking and dissolving of fat molecules, enhance metabolism, relieve bloating and water retention, promote blood circulation for detoxification, muscle relaxation, pain relief, anti-inflammation and relief for sore muscles.

Skin Rejuvenation


When you look great, you feel great!  That's why we believe it is equally important to work on the body as it is the mind.  We use traditional facial procedures along with state of the art frequency delivering devices to bring out your full beauty.



An ancient Turkish tradition used to look into the future. Saba uses this as a medium to see what past experiences or present behaviors may be holding a person back or helping them to succeed and how that effects their future.

Hand Writing Analysis


Messy or neat, like body language, each stroke holds a meaning profiling  social skills, thinking styles,  doubts, desires and achievements.   During a hypnosis session, handwriting analysis may be used to gain awareness and retrain the unconscious mind.