Webinars and Events from the Past

Increasing Your Intuition Webinar

Increase your intuition and the ancient art of Turkish Coffee  Readings.


Certified  hypnotist Mike Dolan, in a guided hypo-meditation empowers you with  feeling physically, emotionally and socially safe again.

Multi-voice hypnosis for financial abundance WEBINAR

A unique hypnosis experience in which Saba Hocek and Mike Dolan are sending messages simultaneously similar to a symphony in which one is playing the violin and another the sax.  This is a very powerful process aiding for rapid ingraining.

Finding Your Inner Balance WEBINAR

Reiki Master Jenny Hernandez opens your third eye and crown chakra to increase your intuition and find guidance.

De-Stressing Your Mind and Body WEBINAR

Certified hypnotist Mike Dolan, in a guided hypo-meditation trains the frazzled nerves to gain inner peace

Hypnosis-Reiki Psychic Blast Webinar

The power of hypnosis and reiki to open your third eye and strengthen  psychic abilities awakening your extraordinary abilities that are often latent.  Be empowered by trusting your decisions, trusting life and knowing what lies ahead. Join Intuitive Hypnotist Saba Hocek along with Intuitive Reiki Master Jenny Hernandez in this webinar as they awaken your higher consciousness.  Learn which foods, supplements, oils and herbs will help open your third eye.  To continue supporting the awakening of your hidden psychic powers, tools and exercises will be taught.  

Detoxing Your Body WEBINAR

Reiki Master Machi Tantillo through a distant reiki healing clears your mind and body of the emotional and chemical toxins.

Financial Sanity Hypnosis Webinar

Certified  hypnotist and biofeedback specialist Saba Hocek conducts a hypnosis  session to ease the emotional stress of our finances and manifest  abundance

Release Stress and Restore Light with Reiki Webinar

Release the stress of the day and restore your inner balance with Reiki Master Machi Tantill to bring you inner balance leaving you energized, motivated and clear minded.  

Staying Modtivated and Improving Focus Webinar

Hypnotist Mike Dolan gets you back on track with a hypo-meditation to re-energize your mind and body.

Tapping Into Your Higher Self

Reiki Master Jenny Hernandez opens your third eye and crown chakra to increase your intuition and find guidance.