Hypnosis New York

About our hypnosis sessions

During the hypnosis session,  you will be taken in to a deeply relaxed state in which the feeling is that of a light sleep.  It is in this state that communication with the unconscious mind is possible.  Using the SEM technique of hypnosis, intuition and other behavior modification methodologies, blockages causing behaviour modification challenges are identified.  

The logic of the unconscious mind is then retrained to accept the new desired behavior using hypnotic methods such as age regression, classical hypnosis, past life regression and dream analysis.  

The client returns from trance feeling relaxed, energized and positive.  The behavioral changes take place over the coming days.  Depending on the individual, in one to five sessions desired outcomes are achieved.  

Changes are very organic with most people reporting back in followup sessions that they simply feel happier, more relaxed and grounded, whereby behavioral changes came naturally and were easy to incorporate.  

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To accommodate time and budget, we offer two types of followup sessions: Multi-Modality-Hypnosis and Traditional Hypnosis. With Multi-Modality-Hypnosis, together with Classical Hypnosis, Age Regression, Dream Analysis and Past Life Regression other modalities such as EMDR, Access Consciousness, SAF and Handwriting Analysis may be used.  No two sessions are ever same.  Each is unique to the client's challenges and advancements.