Genius Activator(TM) is a signature process to bring out your inner greatness


Activate Your Inner Genius Today!


You know you have more potential but can’t break through the barriers. When you tap into that inner genius, life becomes easy, clear and sweet.
We all have an inner genius. Is yours asleep? Would you like to awaken yours? Fully embrace your creativity, intuition and abundance? 

You can choose to transform the way you lead, work and play by activating your genius!
Knowledge brings awareness and awareness brings healing. Our signature Genius Activator(TM) process is a unique hypnotic process in which we dive deep into the unconscious mind discovering its limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. Once the mind has been detoxed of these limiting beliefs, we tap into the higher brain where you’ll really see and feel achievements allowing clarity to over-take and the journey towards your real genius begins. You will be amazed at how easy it is to unlock your genius once the unique signature Genius Activator(TM) process is initiated.


Why wait? – the sooner you unleash your inner genius, the sooner you’ll be in your zone of abundance!
If you are ready to unlock the gateway to your inner genius and transform the way you lead, work and play on a daily basis, then this process is for you.
With our Genius Activator(TM) signature process, you will:

  • Identify and release residual limiting beliefs Recognize and embrace strengths and achievements
  • Gain confidence, self-love and self-worth leading to clarity
  • Learn to support your genius physically and nutritionally
  • Open the gateway to your inner genius
  • Embrace your creativity and intuition and live a life of abundance

Still a skeptic? At Stanford School of Medicine, scientific evidence showed that during hypnosis there were nerual changes being made in the brain.  They scaned the brains of subjects while they were hypnotized and researchers at the School of Medicine were able to see the neural changes associated with hypnosis.  Negative thinking blocks clarity and without clarity, higher brain thinking is compromised.  Genius Activator(TM) goes beyond releasing negative thinking and limiting beliefs.  Resulting in years of research, we use methods that have been found to be traits, characteristics and behaviors in geniuses.


Are you ready for the Genius Activator(TM)? Is this the right process for you? The Genius Activator(TM) is designed for the person who has spent the time to clear away the bulk of negative thoughts and beliefs of the past but is feeling there is still something holding them back, keeping you stuck from moving forward – from reaching their potential.
If this is you then…
Why not share your inner genius with the world?!?!?! Be in command of your inner genius! With this easy, seemingly effortless signature process, you will reach new heights and potentials beyond your imagination.
The answer to your inner genius is not just finding the key – it’s knowing how to unlock it!
At Self Empowered Minds, we give you the tools to Live Life Empowered

Our mission is to help you find your inner greatness so you can Live Life Empowered!

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