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Biofeedback gives physical and mental insight

Biofeedback Sessions

about our biofeedback sessions

Clear environmental and emotional stress blockages that prevent your mind and body from being in prime form.  

The biofeedback device, is an advanced computerized technology that gathers bio-energetic data from the body via bands placed on the limbs and forehead simultaneously screening and clearing thousands of items of reaction. 

There are  vessels that run through the body called meridians each leading to a major organ.  Along these vessels are high energy points which get blocked from emotional and environmental stressors causing the associated organ to have deficient energy thereby leading to physical and mental conditions. 

The biofeedback not only determines where the client has energetic disturbances and the ramifications these blockages have on the body but also clears the blockages.  

The client receives a 36 page report displaying reactions of food sensitivities and allergies, providing a complete vitamin and mineral status, and pinpointing blockages and weaknesses of internal organs and systems.  

Since biofeedback is safe and non-invasive, it is ideally suited for people of all ages.

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Biofeedback is a needle-free computerized version of acupuncture releasing stress blockages at the organ level.

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